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10+1 things they never teach in college about programming

Written by Alberto Gutierrez:

I still remember how naive I was just after I finished my studies. I was convinced that I was ready to join any software company and start shining as a top class developer. Obviously, no long after I started working, I realized how many things I didn’t know.

As I have been acquiring experience, I have been learning things the hard way, stuff which I was never taught, and which its understanding, is basic to become a good developer. This is my list of the 10 things I wish I had been taught.

  1. We’re always wrong
  2. If something can break, it will break
  3. All code is crap
  4. There is always a bug
  5. The most important thing is the client
  6. Design on paper doesn’t work
  7. Less is more
  8. Coding is only 20% of what we do
  9. The customer doesn’t know what he/she wants NEVER!
  10. Someone has done it before

Bonus: Hey! Our job is cool!


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