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December 28th, 2018


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Documentation – SlideShare

Documentation – Tutorial

  • Qt Quick Game Programming – This tutorial is a crash course into Qt Quick development using the latest Qt 4.7 release. It introduces first briefly what Qt Quick is, and then dig into implementation details of a game called 5-in-a-row.

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Qt Libraries

  • QtOpenCL – Using OpenCL with Qt
  • LibQxt is an extension library for Qt providing a suite of cross-platform utility classes to add functionality not readily available in the Qt toolkit by Trolltech, a Nokia company.
  • Qt Solutions Catalog – Components for Qt version 4
  • QextSerialPort provides an interface to old fashioned serial ports for Qt-based applications. It currently supports Mac OS X, Windows, Linux, FreeBSD.
  • Log4Qt – is a C++ port of the Apache Software Foundation Log4j package using the Trolltech Qt Framework. It is intended to be used by open source and commercial Qt projects.
  • Qt Cryptographic Architecture (QCA) – Taking a hint from the similarly-named Java Cryptography Architecture, QCA aims to provide a straightforward and cross-platform crypto API, using Qt datatypes and conventions. QCA separates the API from the implementation, using plugins known as Providers. The advantage of this model is to allow applications to avoid linking to or explicitly depending on any particular cryptographic library. This allows one to easily change or upgrade crypto implementations without even needing to recompile the application! QCA should work everywhere Qt does, including Windows/Unix/MacOSX.
  • High-Performance Qt Serial Port Library
  • QJson is a qt-based library that maps JSON data to QVariant objects: JSON arrays will be mapped to QVariantList instances, while JSON objects will be mapped to QVariantMap.
  • qt-json – A simple class for parsing JSON data into a QVariant hierarchy and vice versa. Now, we can also reverse the process and serialize QVariant hierarchies into valid JSON data.
  • QScintilla is a port to Qt of Neil Hodgson’s Scintilla C++ editor control. (how to integrate (rus)).

Qt Libraries – UI

  • Q7Goodies is a Qt add-on that provides Windows 7 features like jump list, taskbar thumbnails, thumbnail toolbar and more in a Qt way. It integrates seamlessly with existing applications by using Qt design patterns and API style. It comes with the full source code and a royalty-free license.
  • QtitanMultimedia component adds various multimedia technologies, such as Adobe Flash, Adobe Reader and Microsoft Silverlight, to applications designed using Qt framework. QtitanMultimedia integrates with the Qt Designer form designer, simplifying the addition of new objects and speeding up the design process.
  • QtitanDataGrid component
  • Qt plotting widget

Qt Libraries – Media

  • QtAV – A cross-platform media playback framework based on Qt and FFmpeg. High performance. User & developer friendly (homepage).

Qt Libraries – DB

  • QDjango is a simple yet powerful Object Relation Mapper (ORM) written in C++ and built on top of the Qt library. Where possible it tries to follow django’s ORM API, hence its name. It is released under the terms of the GNU Lesser General Public License version 3.

Qt Libraries – Test

  • QuickUnit – асинхронное модульное тестирование.

Qt Libraries – Web

  • Snowshoe is an open source project to build a cross platform browser application with multiple user interfaces while sharing the same core engine, based on Qt5 and WebKit2 technologies. The user interfaces are implemented in QML and have a strong focus on both the usability and the user experience on different platforms – desktops, mobile phones, tablets, etc. Special attention is given to the requirements and restrictions of each platform, like screen size, input methods, memory and processing power.


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