January 8th, 2019


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  • Universal Windows Apps (C++) – Universal Windows Platform (UWP) apps embody a set of design principles that emphasize simple user interfaces that are centered around content that automatically adjusts for different screen sizes on different devices. You create the UI in XAML markup, and the code-behind in native C++. You can also create components (DLLs) that can be consumed by UWP apps that are written in other languages. The API surface for UWP apps is the Windows Runtime, which is a well-factored library that provides a wide variety of operating system services.
  • C++/WinRT – C++/WinRT is an entirely standard modern C++17 language projection for Windows Runtime (WinRT) APIs, implemented as a header-file-based library, and designed to provide you with first-class access to the modern Windows API. With C++/WinRT, you can author and consume Windows Runtime APIs using any standards-compliant C++17 compiler. The Windows SDK includes C++/WinRT; it was introduced in version 10.0.17134.0 (Windows 10, version 1803).
  • Create a Universal Windows Platform console app
  • Windows UWP Namespaces – this section provides detailed information about the Windows Runtime (WinRT) APIs. These APIs are for UWP app development on Windows 10.

Visual Studio 2017 Plugins

  • C++/WinRT – The C++/WinRT Visual Studio extension supplements the C++/WinRT compiler (cppwinrt.exe) and platform projection headers distributed with the Windows SDK, starting with the April 2018 release. When updating the C++/WinRT VSIX, it’s advisable to update Visual Studio and the Windows SDK as well.





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