Visual Studio

October 23rd, 2019

Visual Studio Plugins

Visual Studio Installer Plugins

Visual Studio 2019 Plugins

  • Visual Studio Spell Checker – an editor extension that checks the spelling of comments, strings, and plain text as you type or interactively with a tool window. It can also spell check an entire solution, project, or selected items. Options are available to define multiple languages to spell check again.

Visual Studio 2017 Plugins

  • PlantUml Language Service – PlantUml Language Service provides editor features for the PlantUml Language to Visual Studio (2017).
  • C++/WinRT – The C++/WinRT Visual Studio extension supplements the C++/WinRT compiler (cppwinrt.exe) and platform projection headers distributed with the Windows SDK, starting with the April 2018 release. When updating the C++/WinRT VSIX, it’s advisable to update Visual Studio and the Windows SDK as well.
  • XAML Styler is a visual studio extension, which formats XAML source code by sorting the attributes based on their importance. This tool can help you/your team maintain a better XAML coding style as well as a much better XAML readability.

Visual Studio 2012 Plugins

Visual Studio 2010 Plugins

  • Productivity Power Tools – must have!
  • Microsoft All-In-One Code Framework Sample Browser
  • VSCommands –  provides code navigation and generation improvements which will make your everyday coding tasks blazing fast and, together with tens of essential IDE enhancements, it will take your productivity to another level.
  • VS10x Code Map – is a Visual Studio 2010 extension that displays a graphical nested representation of the current code editor window (C# and VB.NET). It helps the developer visualize type nesting, implemented interfaces, regions, member type and scope, as well as quickly navigate to their respective positions in code.
  • XAML Markup Styler – is a xaml beautifer, which makes XAML markup source code beautify much easier by sorting the attributes based on their importance.
  • Web Essentials – lets you perform common tasks much easier.
  • Web Standards Update for Microsoft Visual Studio 2010 SP1 – provides the much wanted HTML5 & CSS3 support to Visual Studio 2010 SP1. It brings VS 2010 intellisense & validation as close to W3C specification as we could get via means of an extension.
  • Image Optimizer – adds a right-click menu to any folder and image in Solution Explorer that let’s you automatically optimize all PNG, GIF and JPEG files in that folder. The optimization doesn’t effect the quality of the images, but optimizes them using industry proven algorithms for removing EXIF and other metadata. The extension uses SmushIt and PunyPNG for optimizing the images.
  • CSSCop – FxCop for Stylesheets – makes it easy to adhere to best practices for writing stylesheets. It catches common errors that affect browser compatibility and much more. You can think of it as FxCop for stylesheets. It uses the widely used CSS Lint tool behind the scenes. CSS Lint is THE best CSS linting tool on the market and CSSCop brings it directly into Visual Studio in an easy and convinient way.
  • Visual Studio Achievements– Visual Studio is a powerful tool with tons of features, many of which you may not know about.  Earning some of the badges may result in learning about features you didn’t even know existed!
  • Regex Tester – this extension added tool for testing regular extensions in Visual Studio 2010. Tool simple and easy to use, the processing occurs in a background thread. You can use the Shift+Alt+R shortcut for show tool or open menu View -> Other Windows -> Regex Tester.
  • CopySourceAsHtml is an add-in for Microsoft Visual Studio 2008 that allows you to copy source code, syntax highlighting, and line numbers as HTML. CSAH uses Visual Studio’s syntax highlighting and font and color settings automatically. If Visual Studio can highlight it, CSAH can copy it, and your source should look the same in your browser as it does in your editor.


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