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CppUnit is a C++ unit testing framework. It started its life as a port of JUnit to C++ by Michael Feathers. For a quick tour of unit testing with CppUnit, see the Cookbook in the latest documentation. For an introduction to unit testing, see UnitTest, ProgrammerTest, and CodeUnitTestFirst.


  • XML output with hooks for additional data (XSL format avaliable in release 1.10.2 needs some FiXing)
  • Compiler-like text output to integrate with an IDE
  • Helper macros for easier test suite declaration
  • Hierarchical test fixture support
  • Test registry to reduce recompilation need
  • Test plug-in for faster compile/test cycle (self testable dynamic library)
  • Protector to encapsulate test execution (allow capture of exception not derived from std::exception)
  • MfcTestRunner
  • QtTestRunner, a Qt based graphic test runner
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