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EC residence permit

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Citizens of third countries residing in the European Union may be granted long-term resident status (EC residence permit). The EC residence permit may be issued after five years of continuous residence. Residence under a temporary residence permit (B) – issued on the basis of study or temporary employment, for example – is not calculated as continuous residence. The EC residence permit allows residence in another Member State for a period of three months. In order to obtain a residence permit for a longer period, the applicant must apply for a national residence permit in another Member State.

EC residence permit allows entry into other EU countries

The EC residence permit allows free movement and residence in EU countries for a period of three months. A person travelling to Finland from outside the Schengen area will require a visa. Citizens of countries named in the list of visa-free countries do not require a visa for entry into Finland.

Persons wishing to stay in Finland for a longer period may apply for a residence permit in Finland within three months of arrival in the country. Residence permits are granted on the basis of employment, self-employment, study , or other grounds. The person applying for a residence permit must have sufficient means of support in Finland, and the further requirements of the Aliens Act for granting a residence permit must be met.

When a person who has been granted an EC residence permit in another Member State is granted a residence permit in Finland, a temporary or continuous residence permit in Finland for the same period is granted to his or her family member, applied for either in Finland or abroad.


PDF: Residence permit in Sweden for long-term residence in the EU

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