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Qt Developer Days 2010

December 30th, 2010 Leave a comment Go to comments

Videos from Keynotes, Technical Talks, Qt in Education, Qt in Use and Qt Training

This year’s conference program offered three full days of training, technical sessions and Qt in Use presentations. Whether you are a new Qt user, a Qt pro, CTO or Product Manager, Qt Developer Days features more than 50 technical sessions, demos, hands-on labs, compelling case studies and information on partner services to satisfy all your Qt requirements.

Qt Quick for C++ Developers. For those experienced in Qt and C++, but new to QML.

This presentation will focus on those who already know Qt but want to see what QML changes for them. We will show how Qt developers can use the new C++ APIs to register new types and objects. We will also present guidelines to create hybrid C++/QML applications.

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