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Windows 8: Unit testing native code

Unit testing native code with Unit Test Explorer

In Visual Studio, you can create unit tests for unmanaged code written in C++. Unmanaged code is sometimes referred to as native code.

The following procedure contains the essential information that will get you started. The later sections provide a walkthrough that describes the steps in more detail.

patterns & practices – Hilo: dev a Windows Metro style app using C++ & XAML

Hilo guides you though the development of a Windows Metro style app. The Hilo sample is a photo viewing and tagging app using C++ and XAML. Hilo demonstrates how to create live tiles, virtualize scrolling, suspend and resume the app, implement search, share and other contracts.

Verifying Code by Using Unit Tests

The Visual Studio 11 unit test tools are designed to support developers and teams who incorporate unit testing in their software development practices. Unit tests give developers and testers a quick way to look for logic errors in the methods of classes in Visual C#, Visual Basic, and Visual C++ projects.

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